Cyber Security Consultancy

Cyber crimes in India caused Rs 1.25 lakh crore loss in 2019 and cyber threats will continue to increase as the country starts developing smart cities and rolling out 5G network, among other initiatives, National Cyber Security Coordinator Lt Gen (Dr) Rajesh Pant.

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Darcon Digital’s cybersecurity consultancy services are conveyed by a group of experienced in-house advisors who have a profound comprehension of the scope of digital dangers confronting associations today, empowering you to execute the most ideal security answers for your spending plan and necessities. Our services can be customized for little and medium-sized associations, and huge companies, in all enterprises and areas. Our demonstrated online consultancy solution conveys huge investment funds when contrasted with standard face-with face consultancy.

What We Do

At  Darcon Digital, we accept trust in cybersecurity doesn’t come from realizing nothing will occur it is accomplished by knowing every one of the things that can occur and planning both proactive and receptive arrangements. With our capacity to work at both the key and strategic levels, Darcon Digital’s cybersecurity services consolidate profoundly specialized fitness with leader-level correspondence and the executives.  Our comprehensive methodology begins by understanding what is generally imperative to associations, at that point organizing and supporting projects so your business is designed to use innovation, acknowledge productivity, develop safely, and protect your resources.

Virtual CISO Services

Ensuring the security of confidential business data including your customer’s sensitive personal and financial details requires constant attention. And though not every business demands the full-time commitment of an executive to oversee this function, small- to mid-sized businesses do need the same level of security and intelligence already in place at larger corporations.

Network Security Monitoring

Work with a trusted Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) able to begin protecting your network in just a few hours, with no equipment installation required. Back your organization with industry leading expertise and actionable security intelligence from day one along with real-time threat monitoring, compliance reporting, and response assistance.

Vulnerability assessment

A vulnerability assessment process is intended to identify threats and the risks they pose. They typically involve the use of automated testing tools, such as network security scanners, whose results are listed in a vulnerability assessment report.Organizations of any size, or even individuals who face an increased risk of cyberattacks, can benefit from some form of vulnerability assessment, but large enterprises and other types of organizations that are subject to ongoing attacks will benefit most from vulnerability analysis.

penetration testing

Even with the strongest security and safeguards in place, vulnerabilities exist and open your company to unknown risk. Those gaps might be as unsuspecting as a database, an application, website access—even your own employees. And any of those access points could provide a direct route into confidential electronic data, such as financials, patient information, strategic or classified documents.